Fixed and debugable high power ripple, wirewound resistors!

Issuing time:2019-01-08 16:32

The wirewound resistor is made of nickel-chromium wire or manganese-copper wire and constantan wire wound on the porcelain tube. It is divided into two types: fixed type and adjustable. The wirewound resistor is characterized by extremely high resistance value, low noise during operation, stable and reliable, and can withstand high temperatures.

It still works normally at an ambient temperature of 170 °C. However, it is bulky and has a low resistance value, mostly below 100KΩ. In addition, due to structural reasons, its distributed capacitance and inductance are relatively large and cannot be used in high frequency circuits.

Such resistors are typically used for buck or load in high power circuits.

☆Characteristics: The high-flame-retardant and high-temperature inorganic paint layer is selected for the lacquered wirewound resistor to effectively protect the resistance wire from oxidation, long service life and easy heat dissipation.

☆ Application: elevator, sub-alias welding machine, lifting machinery, construction machinery, rolling mill, wire drawing machine, centrifuge, load test.

☆ Manufacturing: Wirewound resistors are constructed by winding wires around an insulating frame. The resistance wire is generally made of an alloy such as nickel chrome or manganese copper having a certain electrical resistivity. The insulating skeleton is made of a ceramic, a metal coated with an insulating layer, or the like, and is formed into various shapes such as a tube shape and a flat shape.

The electric resistance wire can be wound on the skeleton as needed, or can be wound into a plurality of layers, or a non-inductive winding method can be used.

☆Features: ✴Wire-wound fixed resistor is fixed by clamp ring, longitudinally drawn, surface coated with high temperature resistant insulating coating, suitable for small current and large resistance value; with high power, strong overload resistance, reliable performance and convenient use.

☆ Use: It is widely used in DC or AC of various electrical equipment and electronic instruments for buck shunt load.

☆Resistor technical parameters: Power range: 10W-10000W Resistance range: 1Ω-100KΩ Rated temperature rise: ≤375°C Withstand voltage between electrode and mounting bracket: 3KV Protection level: IP:00 Resistance change under rated power ≤± 3%

Short-term load capacity: 10 times power 6 seconds Ambient temperature: -55 ° C + 315 ° C

High-power wirewound resistors include fixed wirewound resistors, corrugated wirewound resistors, and adjustable wirewound resistors; they can be customized according to customer requirements, and a resistor can realize multiple resistance values, which can be made into a non-inductive and adjustable way.

Applicable industries: welding machines, elevators, generators, audio, inverters, etc.

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