Basic introduction of displacement sensor

Issuing time:2019-01-08 16:25

The inductive displacement sensor has no sliding contact. The signal generator manufacturer's products work without being affected by non-metallic factors such as dust, and have low power consumption and long life, which can be used under various harsh conditions. The displacement sensor is mainly applied to the intelligent control of the analog quantity in the automated equipment production line.

The photoelectric displacement sensor uses the laser triangulation method to measure, and there is no requirement for the material of the measured object, mainly affecting the ambient light intensity and whether the measured surface is flat. For example, the road measurement uses a true laser displacement sensor, and the sensor is specially configured, which is different from the normal situation.

The linear displacement sensor is an amount related to the movement of the position of the object during the movement, and the range of measurement of the displacement is quite extensive. Small displacements are usually detected by strain gauge, inductive, differential transformer, eddy current, and Hall sensors. Large displacements are commonly measured by sensing technologies such as inductosyn, grating, capacitive grid, and magnetic grid. Among them, the grating sensor has the advantages of easy digitization, high precision (currently the highest resolution can reach nanometer level), strong anti-interference ability, no human error, easy installation, reliable use, etc., in machine tool processing, instrumentation and other industries. Get an increasingly wide range of applications.

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